Release binaries for Tasmota firmware 11.0.0 on ESP32

Firmware for ESP32 with easy configuration using webUI, OTA updates, automation using timers or rules, expandability and
entirely local control over MQTT, HTTP, Serial or KNX.


Find latest development binaries for Tasmota firmware at
Find release binaries for Tasmota firmware on ESP8266 at

For an initial installation of Tasmota use the webinstaller.

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These binaries are built using core

English language feature versions

OTA FirmwareOTA URLSizeTimestamp
tasmota32-bluetooth.bin 20220212 15:33
tasmota32-display.bin 20220212 15:33
tasmota32-ir.bin 20220212 15:33
tasmota32-lvgl.bin 20220212 15:33
tasmota32-webcam.bin 20220212 15:33
tasmota32.bin 20220212 15:33
tasmota32c3.bin 20220212 15:33
tasmota32solo1.bin 20220212 15:33

Non-English language versions of tasmota32.bin

OTA FirmwareOTA URLSizeTimestampLanguage
tasmota32-AF.bin 15:33Afrikaans (South Africa)
tasmota32-BG.bin 15:33Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
tasmota32-BR.bin 15:33Portuguese (Brazil)
tasmota32-CN.bin 15:33Simplified Chinese (China)
tasmota32-CZ.bin 15:33Czech with diacritics (Czech)
tasmota32-DE.bin 15:33German (Germany)
tasmota32-ES.bin 15:33Spanish (Spain)
tasmota32-FR.bin 15:33French (France)
tasmota32-FY.bin 15:34Frysk (Netherlands)
tasmota32-GR.bin 15:34Greek (Greek)
tasmota32-HE.bin 15:34Hebrew (Israel)
tasmota32-HU.bin 15:34Hungarian (Hungary)
tasmota32-IT.bin 15:34Italian (Italy)
tasmota32-KO.bin 15:34Korean (Korea)
tasmota32-NL.bin 15:34Dutch (Nederland)
tasmota32-PL.bin 15:34Polish with diacritics (Poland)
tasmota32-PT.bin 15:34Portuguese (Portugal)
tasmota32-RO.bin 15:34Romanian (Romania)
tasmota32-RU.bin 15:34Russian (Russia)
tasmota32-SE.bin 15:34Swedish (Svenska)
tasmota32-SK.bin 15:34Slovak with diacritics (Slovak)
tasmota32-TR.bin 15:34Turkish (Turkey)
tasmota32-TW.bin 15:34Chinese Traditional (Taiwan)
tasmota32-UK.bin 15:34Ukrainian (Ukraine)
tasmota32-VN.bin 15:34Vietnamese (Vietnam)

Release binaries for Tasmota firmware on ESP32

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If you benefit from the Tasmota project please consider making a donation.

Tasmota 11.0.0 by Theo Arends